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COHA support Hospice Care, Vigil and Bereavement

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Welcome to the Central Okanagan Hospice Association

COHA was founded in 1981 and received its charitable status in 1982. At that time, a handful of visionary and compassionate folks saw a need for trained volunteers to provide support to the terminally ill and their families in the Central Okanagan region. Although there is a long history of shelter and sanctuary for those who were ill and dying, it was not until the early 1900’s in England that the need of the dying were addressed. 

Since COHA’s inception, it has become a valuable hospice palliative care community resource and an active partner with Interior Health’s Palliative Care Program. Over one hundred trained volunteers give their time and talent to provide support to clients and their loved ones, in homes, at the Kelowna General Hospital, in care facilities and at The Central Okanagan Hospice House. The volunteers may range from direct service volunteers, garden volunteers, help desk and Bereavement volunteers, as well as bedside, and vigil. COHA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and operates with a part time staff of 5. The focus for staff and volunteers is on caring, family wellness, community involvement, personal dignity and quality of life. After a loss, our Bereavement Program provides help and support to those who are grieving.  

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of the journey…at other times is allowing another to take yours”

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  • Central Okanagan Hospice Association
    "April 16th is National Advance Care Planning Day, a day for you and others to reflect on decisions made at the end of life. This is a day to begin a conversation with a loved one about their wishes for end of life care - or it might remind you to review your own plan."

    End of life care and living wills | National Advance Care Planning Day
    3 hours ago
  • Central Okanagan Hospice Association
    April 16th was Advanced Care Planning Day. Have you spoken to your loved ones about your wishes for end-of-life medical care? This video gives you an idea of how to get started with this important planning.

    Five Steps of Advance Care Planning

    Too many Canadians don't have a plan for their future healthcare. But Advance Care Planning is easy! There are just five steps...
    3 hours ago
  • Central Okanagan Hospice Association
    Jon shared Japa Meditation and Yoga Nidra with our volunteers as part of your Wellness Series in the new Bereavement and Learning Centre! You can learn more about Jon through his website It was a beautiful evening, and we are so grateful.

    Apr 15

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