Bereavement Services

COHA is committed to providing compassionate, timely and supportive care to persons experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one, even if the loss occurred outside of hospice. Our services are available free of charge to persons living in Kelowna and the surrounding areas from Peachland to Oyama.


With funds provided by B.C. Gaming, COHA is able to fulfill its mission and mandate to support those who are grieving by offering:

  • 6-week Adult Grief Support Group;
  • Weekly Drop In Group;
  • Bereavement Walking Group;
  • Trained Volunteers for companioning;
  • Reiki Clinic;
  • Bereavement Resource Library and handouts;
  • Professional Counselling.

Adult Group Supports

Drop In Groups provide bereaved individuals the opportunity to meet with others experiencing grief. They provide a safe space in which to share journeys and receive support from others. It is about listening and being heard, rather than fixing. The evening weekly Drop In Group is facilitated by trained COHA volunteers and is offered on Tuesdays from 6:00pm – 8:00pm and on Wednesdays from 1:00pm - 2:30pm at the Bereavement and Learning Center, 200-1890 Cooper Road, Orchard Plaza, Kelowna.

The 6-week Adult Grief Support program runs a few times a year based upon demand. It aims to provide tools through which participants can better understand their grief. Attendance at each session is preferred, and pre-registration is required.

Bereavement Walking Group

The Walking Group meets at various locations in Kelowna. Participants go for an hour (or so) walk together and then they meet after for coffee. Walking gives you the opportunity to speak with others in a different way than a traditional group, while getting exercise. Pre-registration is required as the meeting location (and sometimes the day) occasionally changes.

Trained Volunteers

Our trained volunteers give their time and considerable talent to offer a shoulder when needed, activities when appropriate, and friendship always. Through companioning our volunteers provide social supports to help individuals cope with loss in a compassionate setting.

Reiki Clinic

Reiki is a technique for healing, reducing pain and decreasing stress. All volunteer Reiki practitioners are certified in Reiki levels 1 and 2 (or higher). They are caring and understanding volunteers who see the value of hands on healing that supports clients on all levels. The clinic is held every Thursday afternoon and requires an appointment.

Bereavement Library and Resources

COHA has a small library at 200-1890 Cooper Road, Orchard Plaza, Kelowna. The books are loaned to anyone in the community for one month and can be accessed during our normal office hours. Handouts on grief and loss are also available. 

Professional Counselling

At the present time, COHA has six (contracted) professional counsellors, who individually have a wide range of specialties to meet the bereavement needs of our clients. Some work out of private offices, some meet at our Cooper Road, Orchard Park location. Counselling is available for children, youth and adults.

More information

For information about upcoming programs, to connect with a volunteer, or to receive professional counselling please contact our Bereavement Services ( or call 250 763-5511. Our bereavement programs are offered with funding from BC Gaming. Our services are offered free of cost however donations are welcome.


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